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Warwick University Car Parks
Conference Parking – Warwick University

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Warwick University Car Parks, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL
Number of parking space: 3500
  • Blue Badge Parking

    Blue Badge Parking

  • CCTV Video Monitoring

    CCTV Video Monitoring

  • Lift


Finding the University:

The postcode for our central campus is CV4 7AL.

You can use that with route planning services like Google Maps, or with your sat nav to find your way to the University. As you get closer to the area, joining the A45 or A46, there will be signs marked "University of Warwick" to help you find us.

Finding the right part of campus:

When you reach campus there are signs at all the main roundabouts to each of the major areas of campus: Central campus, Gibbet Hill campus, Westwood campus, Cryfield Village, Lakeside Village and the Science Park.

Which part of campus you need to get to depends on who you're visiting. If you've already talked to the department/individual involved, they may well have told you which of these areas to head for. If you're not sure which area, use our online interactive map to search for the building you need to get to and find out which area of campus it's in. Please find the map here:

Follow the road signs to that area of campus.

Arts Centre Instructions:

The arts are a place we can all meet. Find out how to get to us and what you can experience.

Warwick Conferences Instructions:

Based in the heart of the UK and easily accessible from across the UK, and the world.


If you've been invited to campus as a visitor, the person or department who invited you may have suggested a specific car park. In this case, follow their instructions directly but if that area is full, please use another general car park and inform the person or department who invited you.

Otherwise, once you've got to your area of campus, following the parking signs to the nearest car park. General parking is available at many locations, and the signs will direct you to the nearest one.

Please visit our website to understand which general car parks are available to you park in

Entry Procedure:

Please drive into the car park and park within an available space.

Exit Procedure:

Please return to vehicle and follow signs to the car park exit.

Height Restrictions:

Vary between 1.8m and 2.1m, signs are installed before you enter the car parks to notify you of any restrictions. 

Security Measures:

CCTV, on site Community Safety Team and Park Mark awarded in certain car parks. 

Facilities for Blue Badge Holders:

There are designated disabled bays on campus and in our car parks. Please note: disabled parking is free, ensure that you register your vehicle as a Blue Badge Holder at

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